Friday, August 10, 2018

#MTBoSBlaugust Planning the First Day of School #alg1chat

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 2018 in Algebra I

DAY 1 is Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 and is fast approaching!
This week will be all about getting to know the students and setting the stage for this class. I plan to do many things 

Feedback Name Tents

I found this last year from Sara VanDerWerf and loved it. On one side the students use it as a name tent, and on the other, the students have a chance to write privately to the teacher. It gave me the opportunity to get to know the students. 

Strengths and Weaknesses Notecards

The next thing that I will do is give each student a notecard and have specific questions for them to answer about how they learn, their strengths, interests, and an opportunity to share any reasons why they may struggle in math class. A district teacher turned technology coach in my district shared this with me and that she was able to use this information all year. I'm also adding that they put their birthday on it, I will organize them by birthday so that I can wish them happy birthday when it comes up! This one is new for me this year.

Guess Who? Get to know You game

This game was shared with me from a middle school teacher in the district. She had many of my incoming freshmen as 8th graders. She said the students regularly requested to play this game when there was extra time in class, and that it greatly improved her relationships with students. The students respond to a variety of questions/statements and then the teacher chooses a few to read out loud and the class guesses the student. I'm excited about this one! I will share the file one it's available.

TEAM Placement Activity

I am incredibly excited about this task! Students will evaluate expressions and get into groups based on their answers. There are 8 sets of four equivalent expression cards. Once students get into groups they will turn over their expressions sheet and work on Four 4's from


Students will complete the back of their name tent. I will encourage them to ask me a question and tell me a statement about their first math class. Last year students did not write much the first day or two. Some left it blank. My goal this year is to provide them with a few prompts and tell them to choose one to respond to or write about something else, but that they need to write something thoughtful.


I will pass out the syllabus to students, with an attached sheet of websites for them to register for. 

The rest of week 1 for Algebra I is coming soon!

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